Shoot Info

Photoshoot Information



I absolutely love being a full-time photographer!  Fitness photography, fashion photography, wedding photography and more, I thrive on all of it!  No trade work offered at this time.


~Please note, that if you wait longer than three months to select your images for retouching, PictureGroove Photography is no longer responsible for retouching your images.~


~~Rates for corporate and theatrical head shots are as follows:

$299 for one look and 2 retouched images

$450 for 2 looks and 4 retouched images

Special headshot packages available upon request for larger groups

~~Rates for fitness and fashion photography are as follows:

Drop-in shoot:  1 look, 3 retouched images of your choice $699.  (Hair and makeup not included)

Small shoot:  3 looks, 5 retouched images of your choice $1,299 (Includes hair and makeup)

Medium shoot:  4 looks, 7 retouched images of your choice $1,999 (Includes hair and makeup)

Large shoot:  6 looks, 12 retouched images of your choice $2,899 (Includes hair and makeup)

VIP PictureGroove Experience:  Up to 9 looks, with 20 retouched images of your choice.  $4,999.  Includes hair and makeup, and wardrobe and accessories from the PictureGroove Photography wardrobe vault, as well as 20 prints of your final retouched images for your print portfolio.

***Additional retouched images may be purchased for an additional fee per image, once you have completed your shoot***

***Location fees must be covered by the model, such as studio fees, or if we are doing a shoot in a place that charges money to shoot there, unless a prior arrangement is made in advance with PictureGroove Photography***