Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove Photography

Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove Photography


Sarah Lyons was born in San Francisco, California in the '70's.  The only daughter to a true hippie couple, Sarah was surrounded by artistic influence all of her life.  Her Grandfather was a nature photographer in Alaska, her father, Foreign and National News Editor for the Seattle times, her Grandmother and Mother amazing singers, and her Brother, a famous rock star.  Sarah always had a passion for business, but always felt she lacked creativity.

Fast forward to 2003, when Sarah moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.  At that time, Sarah started to dabble in the real estate market and was doing very well for herself, until the economy crashed a few years later.  Not willing to "fight" the economic battle, Sarah decided to tap in to her unknown channels of creativity, by purchasing a camera on Ebay She realized it was a risk and a challenge, but she had been admiring work of fitness photographers of all types online for some time, and thought she would give it a try.

She purchased an amateur lighting kit, and started shooting some of her friends from her previous modeling days.  Sarah became completely focused on all of the learning curves that photography brings.  So focused in fact, that she started traveling to LA once a month for a week at a time and shot Playboy Playmates, TV show hosts, and the like to get her name established.  She would practice her retouching and other programming skills each day to develop her own "look".

Due to her focus and persistence, Sarah has made a reputable name for herself with PictureGroove Photography.  She has landed multiple magazine covers, including FHMStatus FitnessPlanet Muscle, and more with the list growing, and was nominated one of the top ten fitness photographers in the world by her peers.  Over the years, her clients have become her friends, and look forward to annual or semi-annual shoots with her. At this point, Sarah prides herself on all-inclusive shoots which include wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, and also coaching beforehand with PictureGroove bootcamp, which is a one on one "pre-shoot crash course" in how to make your shoot the best it can be.  She works with the best hair and makeup artists in the business, won't let her clients settle for anything less.

There is also PictureGroove Tanning, which is a premier Scottsdale-based spray tanning service that is mobile, and can travel to your home for group spray tans, events, or even competition spray tans.  When Sarah is on the road doing shoots in Vegas or LA, chances are, she will have the tanning system with her, and can tan you for your shoot or show.

Fit models and glamour is not all that Sarah shoots though.  She also shoots families, corporate photos, head shots, senior photos, custom projects and high-end weddings.  She is constantly seeking challenges in her work, and thrives on growing with her business.  

"Premier settings, locations, and treatment is what I enjoy giving my clients.  I couldn't imagine doing it any other way"

Sarah Lyons,